Art Cards – Week 39 – Under Control

I had a couple positive things come together last week, so I was happy to find ways to illustrate these on my art cards.

I have always wanted a mentor, now more than ever since I’ve been working towards a more creative lifestyle. It’s really hard to find someone who is willing and has the time to provide direction and offer feedback on create projects, especially since I haven’t established a lot of connections in the creative field yet.

So I was happy when the person I asked last week to be my mentor has agreed!

We have been close friends our entire lives (proud to be cousins), so this renewed relationship just makes sense. I’m so excited to already be working on a couple assignments.

I am also happy and excited about a move up at work, which means I will be able to get my work schedule under control with more regularity, allowing me to actually make plans and manage my time better.

I am so hopeful – things are looking up!


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