Fabric Talk – Critters and Characters

I haven’t purchased a lot of fabric this year, mainly to save money, but also because I already have a ton of fabric on my shelves.

There was one collection that came out this year I couldn’t resist, so I allowed myself to stock up on enough to make a few projects.

I don’t typically buy novelty fabrics, but then, Outfoxed came out. How adorable!

I’ve been a fan of Marisa Haedke‘s artwork and whimsical characters for a few years now. I have one of her night lights and one of her paintings in my sewing room.

When I saw she turned her characters into a fabric collection, Meet the Gang, I couldn’t resist. Equally as adorable!

I bought a fat quarter set of each of these collections, hoping to make a couple fun mini quilts. It’s always inspiring to get a few new fabrics to play with.

8 thoughts on “Fabric Talk – Critters and Characters

  1. I think it’s a great idea to save up for the fabrics that you really love. You’ll never be sorry you bought them if you really love them!

  2. Terri, great selection of fabrics! I understand what you mean about not wanting/needing any more fabric, but sometimes there is fabric out there that can’t be passed up! Can’t wait to see what quilts you come up with using these beauties!

  3. Oh my goodness – such adorable fabric – I love those sweet images on the last photo and there is so much colour in the first photo – how I’d love to dive into those piles! I can’t wait to see what you make with some of them.

  4. I had to get some Meet the Gang, too. Was sorely tempted by Outfoxed. I’m thinking of putting myself on a fabric moratorium next year, but it’s painful to even think about. The thing is, I just need to get using some of mine!

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