Art Cards – Week 52 – Final Set!

I finally made my last set of art cards for the year! Yes, this was week 52 of making a set of art cards.

Making these cards was all about New Year’s. We usually don’t do anything wild and crazy on New Year’s Eve, but I still like to make our little party festive with decorations and fun new appetizers and champagne.

I have always wanted to improve my handwriting, so I thought it would be a fun challenge to play with typography on my very last card to shout out Happy New Year!

Our Flickr group has been a great place to see the art Michelle and Sandra have been creating over the past year. I have also created a page on the top of my blog, which is fun to scroll through.

I can’t tell you what a great feeling it is to have this amazing collection of art cards, two each week and sometimes a couple extras because I was struck by inspiration. So cool to look back on!

5 thoughts on “Art Cards – Week 52 – Final Set!

  1. I love your last art cards of the year Terri! The shimmer really gives it a festive feel. How fun to be able to look back through all of them and see what inspired you during the different seasons and times last year.

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