Decorating for Guests

We have been working on adding some decorating to our guest room lately.

We hung a few pictures of various urban scenes, from Paris to Vegas to Madison to Hong Kong.

I made a few mini quilts for the nightstands, beginning with this fabric of vintage New York City postcards.

I used this fabric of vintage NYC street scenes for the backing because it was so adorable, I didn’t want to cut it up into smaller pieces.

These mini quilts were especially easy projects because I used one fabric for the top and one for the backing, so there wasn’t much cutting, no piecing and easy quilting.

I bought these city collection fabrics on our last trip to New York City that I want to staple to art canvases for another large blank wall in that room.

It’s been fun to liven up our guest room, which always seems to be a work in progress.

11 thoughts on “Decorating for Guests

  1. wtg Terri – your mini quilts are adorable and go perfectly with your urban themed guest room. You are putting me to shame on the sewing front – my machine hasn’t seen any action at all this year – zilch – but I do so enjoy seeing what you’ve been busy with 🙂

  2. Hi Terri,

    Oh I want to come and stay in your guest room. The mini quilts and artwork are adorable. Love homes with plenty to look at.
    Happy days.

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