New Sketchbook Covers

I made two new sketchbook covers to take notes and doodle in classes this semester.

Each of them has an accompanying zipper pouch that velcros to the back of the cover so I can keep my essential drawing tools attached to my sketchbook.

I’m so excited over all these fun prints! They are going to be quite handy too.

I am officially ready for the new semester to start. Well, until I get the syllabuses for my courses, and then I’ll probably have to make a trip to the art supply store and the camera store.

12 thoughts on “New Sketchbook Covers

  1. Hi Terri! wow those are wonderful! I love those fabrics and your idea to catch a pouch is great! It’s always nice to have new notebooks to start new season!
    x Teje

  2. What fun fabrics to be able to use for your classes, Love the taxi cabs!

    And a trip to the art supply store to look forward to as well, sounds like fun and inspiration! It’s always so great to start new classes, it’s like starting a new adventure!

  3. How cool to have your own custom made sketch book covers to use for the start of your classes – you’ll probably start a trend! I hope your classes go really well and who would object to a trip to the art store or camera shop… hope you share with us any new goodies that you get 😉

    1. Thanks so much Julie! I’ve had a lot of fun using these sketchbooks in class this past week. I got that subway map fabric from a fabric store in New York City. It’s an actual reproduction of the subway map so I think the shop got a license from the New York transit authority to reproduce it onto fabric. Very fun fabric, isn’t it!

  4. i love the fabrics that you used for your sketchbooks and pouches. they are so fun and practical. i love that! hope your semester is off to a great start! (good supplies have to help, i would imagine!)

    thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

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