Black and White Sketchbook Pages

It’s been nice to get reacquainted lately with one of my favorite things to do, drawing black and white illustrations in my moleskin sketchbooks with my favorite mechanical pencil and a Micron pen.

I finished the last page in my recent sketchbook (above), and started a new one (below).

In looking through my last few sketchbooks, I discovered I like to go big on the first page. I used to have such a phobia for messing up that first page!

I managed to squeeze in a little coffee shop sketching around the holidays.

Happy drawing!


New Pages in My Sketchbook

In order to draw daily and fill up more sketchbooks, which is on my bucket list again for 2016, I always have fun coming up with new drawing prompts. My goal is to draw as much as possible, to draw something every day, and to eventually draw everything. Yes, everything! 😉

I had so much fun illustrating this new series of wildlife and nature-inspired scenes in my Moleskin sketchbook!

sketchbook page: on the move

“On the Move”sketchbook page: howling

“Howling”sketchbook page: doe woods

“Edge of the Woods”sketchbook page: buck woods

“Buck Woods”sketchbook page: wings

“Wings”sketchbook page: hiding in wood pile

“Hiding in the Wood Pile”

The next step is to get these on the computer and draw them in Illustrator for some digital art.

Happy drawing!


New Sketchbook Covers

I made two new sketchbook covers to take notes and doodle in classes this semester.

Each of them has an accompanying zipper pouch that velcros to the back of the cover so I can keep my essential drawing tools attached to my sketchbook.

I’m so excited over all these fun prints! They are going to be quite handy too.

I am officially ready for the new semester to start. Well, until I get the syllabuses for my courses, and then I’ll probably have to make a trip to the art supply store and the camera store.

Custom Sketchbook and Zip Pouch Sets

I'm so excited to finally be ready to show you my newest and most favorite products - custom sketchbook slipcovers and zippered pouch sets!

I am offering them in three combinations of sets from my shop.

Set 1 includes the small sketchbook, measuring 3.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall, and fits perfectly inside the medium zippered pouch, which is 9 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall. That way, you can carry your favorite drawing tools with your sketchbook.

Set 2 includes the  medium sketchbook slipcover, measuring 5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall, and has a velcro strip on the back to attach the small zippered pouch, measuring 7 inches wide by 4 inches tall.

The idea here is that this small pouch attaches to the sketchbook slipcover so you can carry your favorite pens and pencils when you’re out and about.

All the sketchbook slipcovers have a double elastic loop, one attached to the front of the cover and the other attached to the back cover. When you slide the pencil through both loops, it keeps the slipcover closed.

Set 3 is the mother-load with all five pieces!

The large zippered pouch is 12 inches wide by 7 inches tall, and all these goodies fit inside. It’s a stylish way to carry your sketchbook and drawing tools.

The pencils and my handmade sketchbooks are included. The best part – these slipcovers are all reusable! When you fill up one sketchbook, replace it with another.

I am listing these as custom orders so you can pick and choose your own colors.

Ever since enrolling in art school, I have wanted to find a way to combine my passion for sewing and my new love for drawing and illustration. This is a fun start! Stop by to check out my new goodies!

Last-Minute Gift

I found out on short notice that a new friend from my design classes had a birthday a couple days before Christmas. I really wanted to come up with a thoughtful gift, something that didn’t look like a last-minute (lame) idea.

She works at a bookstore, so that eliminated so many gift ideas that came to mind at first. I know she plays piano, and she’s in the same design and illustration program with me, so I customized a couple fabric-covered moleskin notebooks with these cool musical fabrics using this tutorial. Every artist carries a moleskin everywhere they go!

In the gift bag, I also included a set of coloured pencils, which are always fun to play with.

I do hope she liked these goodies, especially because I secretly wanted to keep them for myself… sshhh. I am definitely going to make more of these – they are so fun to customize for just the right person or occasion.