Sketchbook Pages – Week 3

I’ve had Neapolitan Cake on my mind lately so I thought it would be fun to use that as inspiration for a sketchbook page.

I also have lots of art, design, illustration supplies and projects on my mind with the first few classes already behind me. Having four classes is keeping me quite busy, so I didn’t spend too much time on this page. I just wanted to capture a few simple ideas on a mock notebook page.

I previously mentioned this Sketchbook Delight class I’m taking on line, which generated some interest in the comments and email discussions. If you’re looking for a drawing, illustration, or sketchbook class to jumpstart your creative mojo, I highly recommend looking into this class. The instructor, Alisa Burke, is an amazing artist, who creates the most fabulous art, in my opinion. I love her laid-back attitude and creative style, which definitely keep me motivated to experiment with a sketchbook and tools to find my own style.

9 thoughts on “Sketchbook Pages – Week 3

  1. Looks great Terri! I love especially the first page with colours and all the writing there! You make me want to do sketch journal! x Teje

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie! It’s really hard to share these sketchbook pages in such a public way, so it means a lot to me to hear your sweet comments and feedback. Every time I set out to do a page, it’s an experiment and I usually don’t know where I’m headed. Thank you again!

  2. Love your pages so much – the cake one… all of the added details with the white pen really make everything pop! The colours on your ‘classes’ page is wonderful and I love all of the text. Beautiful pencil sketch too – did you take these photo’s with your new camera cos they are really detailed and clear. Beautiful work 🙂

    1. Thanks Shell! I found the most perfect white pen to add those extra pops – so fun! I’m also getting used to how my handwriting looks ;p Believe it or not, I took these pictures with my iPhone since it’s quicker and easier to upload the photos to my blog. Still trying to figure out how to use my new camera!

      ~explore. dream. discover.~

  3. Your Neapolitan cake sketch page is fantastic! You spend so much time on the detail, it’s wonderful!

    I see in your second sketch, you drew a Canon digital camera, which one do you have? I’m also getting a new camera soon, I’d love to know which one you got.

    Take care, Cheryl

    1. Thanks very much Cheryl! I had a lot of fun with these pages. Once I bought a white ink pen, I knew that would be the last and best detail to add.I bought a Canon EOS Rebel T2i with the lens kit. I absolutely love it, although I don’t know how to use it very well yet. I feel so official with such a “nice” camera!

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