I discovered that I have a thing for garlands.

Over the holidays, I thought it would be fun to have some festive New Year’s Eve decorations to put up. I used this project from The Purl Bee to make the felt circles garland.

I made this one a few years ago with white pom poms and a variety of colorful beads, and decided it went well with the felt circles.

Then I got carried away and started working on garlands for Valentine’s Day, which is now right around the corner.

I don’t know where the idea came from doing the felt hearts, but it might have been based on other Purl Bee projects.

The paint chip garland I found on the Internet but I can’t find the right site. (Click on this one for a good reference.) It’s made from a variety of pink and red paint samples and a heart punch.

I think they are a simple way to make the house feel festive without feeling cluttered or overdone, no matter what the holiday or season.


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