Weekend Escape

I escaped for the weekend to my parents’ house on the beach.

I haven’t been there in over a year, so it was great to be back and spend a few days with my family.

I loved soaking up the beautiful blue skies and blue waters, beach combing, watching the waves crash on the beach, and hiking in the woods.

My mom always feeds us really well too, so it was fun spending time in the kitchen with her.

I am in the midst of finals, so I am working on five projects right now, which meant I had to pack up my printer and bring it along on the road trip. I managed to lock myself into my office away from home (i.e., the playroom) for a few hours each day, and found the discipline to get a lot of work done.

I hope you had a great weekend too! Thanks for stopping by.

10 thoughts on “Weekend Escape

  1. I’m glad you had a relaxing and productive weekend! Good luck with all your finals…not that you’ll need any luck:)

  2. What a wonderful place to escape to! It’s so relaxing to be by the water. And wonderful to be able to connect with family! So glad that you had a wonderful time. Good luck on the finals!

  3. Oh, to have a relative with a beach house! Or a mom that cooks (I’m planning a trip to visit my parents this summer and am thinking about what I can cook for them while I’m there so that I don’t starve or have to resort to a lot of fast food like they do!).

    Sometimes I think having a great place like this to recharge makes working easier and so much more productive during the time that you do spend working. Good luck with all your projects!!

  4. I got a new camera yesterday & now I need to learn how to use it. It isn’t as fancy as yours I’m sure. Now if you could just get my parents to move close to the ocean so I would have something wonderful to take pictures of! LOL I would have the life of Terri! hahaha Really, I love the mountains & the ocean & here we are in the middle of the desert trying to take care of our aging parents.

  5. Secret getaways are wonderful aren’t they! Especially with a body of water included. Glad you were able to get some work done too.

  6. Hi Terri! Looks so beautiful! I’m happy to hear that you had wonderful trip and met your family! Your fabric prints are fantastic! x Teje

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