Final Project for Typography Class

The final project for my Typography class was one of my favorite graphic design projects to date.

Our mission was to make up a name for a font company (called a font house or font foundry), and design a logo.

Then we had to make up a name for a typeface that already exists, and create a direct mail marketing piece for designers in the field. I chose a font that had an Art Deco style, called Parisian, which I renamed BessieSmith Typeface. Bessie Smith was a famous African American blues and jazz singer in the 1920s.

As soon as our teacher introduced this project and showed us marketing examples for inspiration, my brain was flooded with ideas.

I chose to design what I am calling a Typeface Toolkit. Since the typeface I picked was Art Deco style, I wanted to keep the designs clean and simply by using a black and white color scheme with pops of red. I usually gravitate to bold colors, but I wanted this to look as real and professional as possible.

-Fabric swatches, which I designed in black and white versions, and then sewed into zipper pouches, with hangtags describing the contents.

-Postcard booklet. I designed postcards for each letter, and front and back covers, and then stitched the book together using a hemp stitch Japanese stab binding method. I made the postcards perforated so they would be usable.

I designed the postcards to show each letter of the alphabet in uppercase and lowercase, and to show the typeface in action with a positive word on the front and the definition on the back.

-Stencils of a couple letters.

This project was a lot of work to design and pull together, but I had a lot of fun doing this. I hope I get the chance to do more design work like this in my future.

12 thoughts on “Final Project for Typography Class

  1. Hi Terri! You have been very busy and done so great work! Your web site and logo is beautiful! Now I need to visit your flickr, because I see lots of quilts! it’s again quilt festival time and I remember your beautiful Halloween Quilt – then I was just dreaming to enter. x Teje

  2. Terri, this is really amazing! You did such a spectacular job and I am completely floored with how much work this had to be — and you had four other projects to do at the same time!! The punches of red are just perfect. I am so impressed!

  3. Very impressive Terri. I love the black and white fabric and the postcards. Don’t know what the level of expertise is in your class, but I would give you an A++. Please let us know how your work is received by the teacher/instructor.

  4. Wow Terri you did a fantastic job. I just love your zip pouches..I want that fabric! That class sounds interesting and so much fun if my local college offered it I would definitely be signing up. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I designed that fabric on my computer and printed it myself for this project, but I also uploaded it to Spoonflower. I’m waiting for my swatch to arrive and then I can open it up for sale. I liked this typography class much more than I thought I would. It can be so detail-oriented but it was fun learning how to design with letters and type as graphic elements.

  5. Yeay! You managed the book binding – WTG! Such a lot of thought and attention to detail in your project – well done, it looks awesome.

  6. That is so cool! Your design work is just great. Really clean and totally art deco. And you got to incorporate some fabric design and sewing! Even better! Hope you got an A!!!

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