Process of A Sketchbook Page – Leaves

I thought it would be fun to share with you my process for illustrating a page in my sketchbook.

I came home one day and discovered the wind left a birch leaf resting on our welcome matt.

It spoke to me! I immediately grabbed it and put it in between some blank pages in my sketchbook.

I knew that leaf was full of inspiration for creating a composition. I started out with a page full of graphite drawings, repeating  this leaf in a variety of overlaps and shading.

This is usually how my brain works when I’m experimenting in my sketchbook. An object catches my eye because of its shape or color or texture. My next step was to paint it with my watercolor field kits.

After I finished painting it, I added some sketchy lines with a fine Sharpie to give it more dimension. At this point, I think it’s done but then again, it feels like it might need a frame or a background color. I will have to sleep on it and have a fresh look tomorrow.

Next up, I drew a page of fern leaves from a fern I found in the woods near my parent’s lake house. It’s ready to paint, which should be fun to do several shades of green.

I’m also planning to draw a page of a variety of leaves from trees in our yard and then paint them.

Thank you for stopping by!

11 thoughts on “Process of A Sketchbook Page – Leaves

  1. Wonderful sketches Terri and really interesting to see your process – thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Shell! I really love doing these kinds of sketches and illustrations, so I appreciate your comment. I have been intending to share my process for awhile, but I get so caught up in a drawing or illustration that I forget to take pictures along the way. And to think about what I’m doing rather than just doing it.

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