Sketchbook Pages: Filling In

Remember last week when I finally made some marks in my sketchbook for the first time in many months?

I filled in those pages with a little more color and pen work for some new illustrations.

windswept illustration


village illustration


I did this next illustration on a piece of scrap watercolor paper roughly the size of a postcard. I just swept some watercolor paint across, let it dry, and let it simmer for a few days until I could see an image emerge.

winter trees illustration

“winter trees”

I did a set of similar ink blot illustrations a couple years ago, where you blot ink on paper, let run and spread, and draw out the image hidden within the paint.

inkblot illustrations

“ink blot illustrations”

It’s SO fun having the time, motivation and inspiration to draw and experiment in my sketchbook again! I’m hoping to make it a weekly habit, at a minimum, to do an illustrated page reflecting something that stood out to me from the past week. I hope you will stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Sketchbook Pages: Filling In

  1. Love the one with all of the houses…. it’s great to see you managed to find some time to play just for fun.

    1. Thanks Shell! I love how the “villages” illustration turned out too. I was originally thinking about animal stripes when I painted it, so it’s a fun contrast.

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