Sketchbook Pages: Coffee Mugs

A couple Fridays ago, I spent an afternoon hanging out at a coffee shop. I enjoyed a vanilla latte and some quiet brainstorming time.

vanilla latte at Barriques

It was such a great moment that I wanted to capture it in my sketchbook.

sketchbook page latte

In addition to playing around in my sketchbook with watercolor illustrations, I’ve been making time for graphite drawings in another sketchbook. This week, I’ve been obsessed with drawing coffee mugs/lattes.

sketchbook peppermint mocha

sketchbook pumpkin spice latte

Here was my photo inspiration:

coffee cup inspiration

When I first learned how to draw, I thought coffee mugs were hard to draw because they are a symmetrical shape, which takes practice to get both sides sloped and curved the same. I’m feeling much better about drawing coffee mugs in all sorts of shapes now, so it’s become a fun challenge.


6 thoughts on “Sketchbook Pages: Coffee Mugs

  1. I love sitting in places like that and taking the surroundings in slowly. You are making me want a hot beverage lol

    Beautiful drawings!

  2. The handle on the cup in the photo is really low down. I’d probably tip that over myself 😉. What a great way to spend an afternoon – _your sketches are fabulous – it’s true that the simplest shapes can often seem like the hardest to master but you’ve nailed it. I can almost smell the coffee – ahhhhh lovely x

    1. It must be the angle in the photo because I didn’t think the handle was low at all. It was a pretty normal latte cup, sort of like a soup bowl, so I can’t imagine tipping it over. Very nice to be able to spend an hour at a coffee shop without having to rush, especially with my sketchbook at the ready.

  3. Must be 🙂 I mean the very bottom white cup on the flyer for pumpkin spice latte. Just looks like the cup handle is resting on the saucer. The odd things I comment on lol

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