Monthly Paper Goods Subscription

I’m trying out a subscription to a monthly box of paper goods from OliveBox.

For January, I received this box of goodies, which included an illustrated notecard, an AHA! notepad, and a beautiful wooden box full of stamps for the alphabet and numbers.

Olive Box Jan. 2014

That wooden box is THE coolest thing!Olive Box Jan. 2014

For the December box, I received a sheet of stickers, a gold glitter gel pen, sparkly washi tape, sparkly butcher’s twine, and a sparkly notecard.

Olive Box Dec. 2013

Dec. 2013Jan. 2014It’s so fun to receive a box full of paper goods around the middle of every month. Of course, I wish it came more often, and I wish it had more in it.

I have been contemplating the idea of putting together a subscription like this with paper goodies from my shop (things like a couple notecards, a postcard, stickers, a cool pen), so it’s fun to try this subscription to see what comes each month.


5 thoughts on “Monthly Paper Goods Subscription

  1. I love that illustrated note card. I recently subscribed to a similar quilt themed box every month only to find out that they went out of business. Such a bummer.

    1. Thanks Rene’. That illustrated card of a creative’s desk is pretty cool. I have lucked out with some great paper goodies in this subscription box.

  2. oh my word – that wooden box stamp set is gorgeous – what a fantastic treat it must have been to open your kit this month. Don’t you just love letter sets like that. It looks like an ace subscription to have, especially the surprise element. I loved that sparkle and shine notecard! In fact I have it in my hand now – I especially liked how on the back it says ‘printed one by one by hand on antique presses’ so cool, special and quirky. I hope you share more photos of your future boxes so we can share in the fun and swoon with you.

    1. Thanks so much Shell! It really is a treat to open the kit each month. That wooden box with the letters and number stamps is so gorgeous! Such a cool idea. Each month has a nice theme. I will continue to share as I receive a new kit.

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