TGIF – Weekend Exploring

I’m continuing my series on being thankful it’s Friday by appreciating things that happened over the past week and highlighting some random observations. I’m also kicking off the weekend by sharing a new weekend postcard with you using a photo I’ve taken over the past week. Sometimes it’s hard to decide which photo to use, and sometimes I’m scrambling for photo ops.

Weekend Postcard cheese

  • This past week, I received a job offer for the freelance design job I’ve been doing the past  7 months. So it’s great to have my first official design job. I’m thankful it’s at a small company that does something I can believe in and be proud of. I’m also thankful the management and coworkers are SO genuine and fun to be around.
  • I’m thankful to be able to work 30 hours a week so I can continue to take on freelance work and have time to do my own personal design projects.
  • I was so excited I got to see sun dogs on my drive to work one morning this week!
  • I’m looking forward to trying out a friend’s telephoto lens for my Canon camera this weekend. I’ve been wanting to try taking more close-up pictures, especially of the birds wintering in our backyard.
  • I’m thankful when someone treats, whether it’s for cocktails or coffee.
  • I’m thankful my kitty cat Angel is still hanging in there, even though she’s very, very sick. I’m thankful she has good days because the bad days are bad.

We always try to come up with a couple fun things to do over the weekend to get out of our cocoon. This weekend, we are looking forward to watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics, hoping to see a movie, and planning go to one of our favorite restaurants for cocktails and appetizers.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend!


4 thoughts on “TGIF – Weekend Exploring

  1. Congrats on your job – fantastic news and well deserved. Hugs re Angel. Hope you have a ‘good days’ weekend – enjoy playing with the lens.

    1. Thanks so much Shell! It’s fun being an official part of the team now. It’s been really fun playing with a telephoto lens. Definitely have to add it to my wish list.

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