This past weekend we went to the zoo for the first time in a few years. There were huge crowds of people, so it was a bit challenging to navigate around the zoo exhibits, but it was still fun. Some of the animals were still inside since our weather is just starting to warm little by little.

The jaguar was very attentive to the zookeepers across the way who were cleaning the cheetah exhibit.

jaguar close-up



The snow leopard was snoozing in the warm sun.




The elephants were just hanging out.



These little golden lion tamarins were so adorable and curious.



This cute little monkey lived with his family of eight.



The peacocks are always wandering around the grounds.



This meerkat posed for me 😉


It was a great chance to experiment with my new telephoto lens so I could practice taking super close-up pictures.


5 thoughts on “Close-Ups

  1. Gorgeous photos! We went to the San Diego Zoo a couple weekends ago and it was the first time I’d been to a zoo in probably 25 years or more. I loved looking at all the natural patterning on a lot of the animals, like your jaguar. And there are some great color palettes in there as well!

    1. Thanks Amy. It was great fun having a powerful telephoto lens to play with this time. We mostly stuck to the small mammals and African exhibits, which always provide lots of pattern and color inspiration. Such majestic animals!

  2. Your zoo photos looks SO much better than mine! Must be that telephoto lens. I love these photos!

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