Birthdays Are Always Better On Fridays

TGIF! Weekend Postcard tools A few highlights from the week:

  • I received great news of more freelance illustration projects coming my way, perhaps a new collection of licensed art each month.
  • I illustrated a new map that I really love and entered into a design contest. (did you vote yet?!)
  • We had a great visit with my dad last weekend. We spent the day at his upholstery shop, helping him with a new computer set-up.
  • All of our snow has finally melted, and our brown matted grass is slowly starting to perk up.
  • We finished our taxes.

Birthdays are always better when they land on a Friday. Happy Birthday to my husband Dave! Dave at Cabo Wabo The first thing I remember about meeting him was his great laugh! He does love making people laugh. Dave also loves Las Vegas, donuts, cats, Coke, pizza, carbs, movies, video games, Journey, Rush, 80s music, taking things apart to figure out how they work, science, space, chocolate chip cookies, the beach, and so much more. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, he’s obsessed with napkins too. Everyone has their quirks. I do admire him for his individuality, confidence and convictions. I count my lucky stars everyday we’re together.

We’re going to a swanky place for dinner to celebrate, and then we’re going to the Zoo this weekend for some adventure. Happy Friday to you. Enjoy your weekend!


3 thoughts on “Birthdays Are Always Better On Fridays

  1. Friday birthdays are even better than Saturdays! Happy birthday, Dave! Hope you don’t go to any restaurants that “only have Pepsi products” and that they never run out out of napkins!

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