Friday Quote No. 3/2014

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing my latest quote poster to send you into the weekend with inspiration.

Spring adds new quote poster

This quote is a good reminder to pause and take notice of the newness and freshness that Spring brings to everything.

Enjoy your weekend!


Photo taken by me.
Fonts used: Architect’s Daughter and Archer.


  • Friday we went to an Art Museum presentation on word art. Why can I not think of the artist’s name? Maybe later. My son has an art friend in Atlanta who specializes in maps. I thought of you when he was discussing the man’s work and his volunteering in schools to teach children about maps. I am always glad to get your work in my email. Thanks for the updates. Barbara

    Saint Louis feels like spring.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Barbara! It’s always fun to hear about other artists. Happy to hear you’re feeling Spring too.

  • Her name is Jenny Holzer. Do you know her work?

    Saint Louis feels like spring.

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