Signs of Spring: Buds, Birds and More

Spring is my favorite season because everything comes back to life revealing so many cheerful pops of color. More and more signs of spring are popping up after our 6-day marathon of clouds, cold and rain finally moved on.

Weekend Postcard digging in the dirt
lone crocus

first dandelion

There are buds on the trees and birds gathering for their nests and combing the grass for bugs and seeds.

tree buds

grackles combing the grass

robin combing the grass

robin and tree buds

birds next

I was finally able to dig in the dirt, plant a few cool-weather annuals, and make our first trip to the garden center. Very relaxing and energizing!

first trip to the garden center

pansies at garden center

pansy planterHope you are enjoying spring too!


2 thoughts on “Signs of Spring: Buds, Birds and More

  1. Isn’t it great to dig in the dirt again. I have one thing to say though…. SUNFLOWERS…. every year I promise to remind you, and every year, I forget. But not this time lol.

    Enjoy all of the new life around you 🙂

    1. Oh yes, I need to plant sunflowers this year! Thank you SO much for the reminder. I’m going to add that to my shopping list for the garden center this weekend. I planted milkweed seeds last fall, but I think the squirrels dug them up. So I have to plant milkweed to attract butterflies too.

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