Green is one of my two favorite colors. (the other is sky blue) These pictures of our backyard in June are great examples of why I love green so much.backyard in June

Backyard in June

backyard in June

backyard in June

green backyard in june

green backyard in juneGreen in nature comes in so many tints and shades, textures and smells.

We’ve spent the past nine years making our backyard look like a park with the addition of new trees, a variety of flowers, new shrubs, bird houses and feeders, a raspberry patch, a strawberry patch, a butterfly garden, and stray benches we found on the curb before trash day. By mid-summer things get wild-looking; we love the informal (jungle) look everything grows into as it spreads out over the course of the summer growing season.

It’s one of my favorite places to be this time of year, whether I’m doing chores, eating lunch, grilling out or just watching the squirrels, birds and rabbits search for food. Do you have a favorite place to be in summer?



2 thoughts on “Green

    1. Thanks Cindy! It’s amazing how green and lush everything got so quickly. We had such a long cold winter and spring, so it looks like a different world out there now.

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