Speaking of Sketchbooks

I have a collection of really nice sketchbooks. But I don’t use them. I have this phobia of the first page of any sketchbook, but especially a nice sketchbook. I don’t want that first page to suck. So I often skip the first page and start drawing on the second page.

nicer sketchbooks

I also don’t want to use my really nice sketchbooks in case my drawings suck. So I started using Moleskin sketchbooks more lately, since the paper isn’t that great, especially for pencil drawing and inking. The paper is thin and smooth, not the best for either graphite pencils or black ink markers.

moleskin sketchbooks

But you know what? These very basic sketchbooks seem to be doing the trick because I’ve been drawing a lot lately. I filled up one sketchbook this summer, chock full of sketches that I really like. These clovers are the last drawing in that now-full sketchbook (actually on the second-to-last page – the last page has notes written on it).

sketchbook clover

And then I picked up a second sketchbook right away and did a drawing on the first page! Yay!

sketchbook eyes

I know it may sound silly, but I think a lot of artists have issues like this with their sketchbooks. Some artists draw on loose sheets of paper because of the fear of messing up their nice sketchbooks. I fully support doing whatever works, if that means drawing on not-very-nice paper, as long as it keeps me drawing and illustrating, experimenting and creating.


13 thoughts on “Speaking of Sketchbooks

    1. Great to hear you draw on loose sheets too! I was so happy when I finished the last blank page in my latest sketchbook, but also disappointed because I was on a roll. So I quickly grabbed the next sketchbook.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Patrick! Glad to hear other artists have issues filling up nice sketchbooks. The crappy paper in cahier Moleskins seems to keep me productive.

  1. Hello Terri,

    I am sure whatever you draw will be good enough for the first page. I guess this is like not wanting to cut up lovely patchwork material!

    Happy days.

  2. I love that you posted about this. I’m very much a draw on loose paper in case I mess it up person. Sketch books intimidate the heck out of me. But I have one that I’ve been using for notes and such, and it has plenty of odd papers taped right in. It’s amazing how nice it is to have it all in one spot! (We talked about that at retreat, didn’t we? Sketchbooks…what a great idea. LOL!)

    good for you for using your sketchbooks. and even better that you used the first page! I love seeing your drawings! So inspiring.

    1. Thanks Amanda! Great to hear your thoughts on sketchbooks, especially fancy ones that can be intimidating. I used to have so many sketchbooks going at the same time. Now I try to keep drawings in Moleskin sketchbooks, and notes and ideas in my composition sketchbook from Rene’. Feels more organized, even if the drawings and notes are random.

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