Back on the Trails

When Fall weather arrives, we are ready to hit the trails. Another one of my favorite things to do is to go hiking.

trail in September

I love treasure hunting for artifacts on the trails and in the woods.

oak leaves and acorns on the trail

It’s especially fun to find hidden critters.

chipmunk hiding

I think it’s magical to see all the different textures, colors and shapes hidden in plain sight in the woods.

Queen Annes Lace closed

Queen Annes Lace opening

Queen Annes Lace

Queen Annes LaceI love to take notice of how the same plants create different textures, shapes and colors as they mature.

wild sunflower opening wild sunflowerWe also noticed a few different types of ferns in these woods.


fern fernNot only were the exercise and fresh air good for the soul, but all this photo reference will be great for filling up my sketchbook with more illustrations.





4 thoughts on “Back on the Trails

  1. I love all your hiking photos, Terri! My family and I did some hiking this summer and other than the mosquitos, we really enjoyed it! I loved hunting for patterns in nature. And we found about a billion mushrooms in different colors and shapes. It was a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks Amanda. We tried going hiking in summer, but it’s too buggy in the woods. So it’s great to have Fall weather so we can hit the trails again. So many fun hidden treasures to find!

    1. Thank you! It turned out to be a beautiful day for our first hike of the season. This trail is less than one mile from our house, so we are lucky to be able to go there as often as possible.

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