Notes From the Office: Fresh-Cut Flowers

I’ve been wanting to share with you the fresh-cut flowers I’ve had in my home office lately. They brighten up my office, especially on days that are overcast and gloomy.

fresh cut flowers for fall

fresh cut flowers for fall fresh cut flowers for fall

I brought home three packages of gerbera daisies recently from the greenhouse where my mom works. The sales staff was going to throw away these daisies because they couldn’t sell them anymore. They only lasted about a week so maybe they weren’t as fresh anymore. But I’m not picky!

gerbera daisies for the weekgerbera daisies for the week

This next bouquet lasted over two weeks before I had to replace them with the above fresh finds.

fresh cut flowers

It turns out having weekly fresh-cut flowers also provides wonderful inspiration and drawing reference, especially this time of year when nature in my yard is slowing down and going dormant for the upcoming winter months.

fresh cut flowers in green fresh cut flowers in yellow fresh cut flowers in red-yellow fresh cut flowers in red

I was happy to learn that a local grocery store sells fresh-cut flowers for a great price and a great selection. It’s such a treat to have flowers on my desk these days!



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