This Week’s Fresh-Cut Flowers

This week’s fresh-cut flowers are definitely brightening up my office with soft and bold pops of color and textures. Since I try to buy a new bouquet every week, I thought it would be fun to finally learn the names of these flowers.

fresh cut flowers

I really love these lime green daisy poms which seem to end up in every bouquet I purchase. I haven’t had any of the purple statice flowers in awhile. And a pink carnation is always a sweet addition with its layers of ruffles.

lime green pom daisy

purple statice

pink green purple flowersThe alstroemeria (Peruvian lily) flowers come in such a wide variety of colors, yet this white version is as lovely as any.

Alstroemeria flower pink daisies

Two of the pink daisies were broken off so I saved them by putting them in a tiny dish filled with water.

pink daisiesThis bouquet includes a small variety of flowers, yet packs a punch with the soft pink, bright fuchsia, purple, and lime green – great for the soul and for drawing inspiration!


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