Fresh-Cut Flowers

Here’s a lovely way to start the week: the fresh-cut flowers I bought today make me think of spring, brightening up my office with pops of color and textures.

fresh cut flowers for March

Since I buy a new bouquet frequently (every other week), I’m getting better at remembering the names of these flowers. Here we have white alstroemeria, pale purple daisies, a lavendar purple mum, a fuchsia carnation, and more white daisies.

white Alstroemeria pale purple daisy

lavendar mum white daisyfresh cut flowers for March

These bouquets include a small variety of flowers, yet offer a cheerful new palette each week, ranging from bright fuchsia, pale purples, whites and hues of green. Happy Spring!


3 thoughts on “Fresh-Cut Flowers

    1. Thanks Bev! They do smell so fresh, brightening up my home office. Even though I buy them so often, fresh flowers feel like such a special treat.

  1. These are so beautiful. I have started purchasing more bouquets too. They brighten up a room so very much.

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