From My Sketchbook: All Over Pattern

In order to fill up more sketchbooks this year, which is on my bucket list for 2015, I’ve been trying to sketch more lately.

One technique I’ve been trying these days is fill up a page with as much surface pattern as possible. I usually start out with a large central motif, such as the crochet-doily-lacey-inspired flowers on these pages, and then take shapes and other elements from those flowers to repeat and scatter across the page.

sketchbook page lace flower patternsketchbook page all over pattern

Both of these pages turned out exactly how I imagined them, even though the only drawing I started with was the large floral motif. It was fun (and therapeutic) to get carried away from there. Just imagine how these pages will look with some color!

Time just slips by when I’m drawing in my sketchbook, especially when I have a steady house beat going in the background. I’m on a roll so I’ll just keep going.



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