From My Sketchbook: June Doodles

In order to fill up more sketchbooks, which is on my bucket list for 2015, I’m having fun coming up with new drawing prompts, so I’ve been trying to sketch A LOT more lately. One thing I’m doing is a monthly calendar, but instead of using it like a diary, I’m using it to do a daily doodle.

For the month of June I continued to find inspiration in our backyard and neighborhood. I slacked off a bit and ended up getting really behind so I had a lot of doodles to catch up on. Luckily I take lots of pictures to refer to for inspiration.

sketchbook page of June doodles

I prepared a new grid for July with more room in the borders. I’m tossing around ideas for a new theme – butterflies, more flowers, letters, paint a watercolor background for each day, food, clothes, shoes, things you might find on the beach or maybe a continued hodge-podge of ideas.

sketchbook page for July doodles

Time slips away when I’m working in my sketchbook, especially when I have a  fun beat going in the background. As you can tell, I’m passionate about drawing and creating beautiful art and surface patterns. Since I’m on a roll,  I think I’ll keep going.


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9 thoughts on “From My Sketchbook: June Doodles

  1. Wow – what a great idea and such a lovely result at the end of the month. Might nab this idea from you – would also be good for my two girls, who we home educate, as a small bit of art each and every day.

    1. Thanks so much! It’s a fun and challenging project to do, even when I get a little behind. Hope you get a chance to try it. I would love to see pictures so please share.

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