October to November


In October I had fun participating in weekly character prompts, including a Rainy day walk, A girl and her rooster, Gal pals, and Halloween cat in a hat using photo prompts from @housecatillustrations

For the month of October, I challenged myself to fill a sketchbook page with scary/scared faces with just a dark wash graphite pencil, which was quite fun. I love how this turned out!

I also managed to fill a few more sketchbook pages with my constant practicing of faces and critters.

New Tips and Techniques:

I learned from Greenleaf Blueberry to mix phthalo blue with brown ochre paints to make a variety of robin’s egg-themed colors. It’s always fun to mix colors and I adore these new combinations so I need to find the right character or story to use these.

For fun:

We went on a couple local hiking adventures.

We had a autumn soiree, a backyard party with hot apple cider, stew and pie in a cup around a cozy bonfire.

Plans for November:

#Folktale2022 Week Challenge:

I didn’t read folktales or fairy tales as a kid – my mom thought they were too scary. I won’t be ready or have enough time to participate in this year’s #Folktale2022 challenge to illustrate a story with the word prompts: 11/14 Fool, 11/15 Tree, 11/16 Star, 11/17 Rebel, 11/18. Instead, I’m going to make time to learn more about folktales and figure out how to approach the challenge with a few story ideas I have brewing for my illustration style.

To Do

I want to continue to do the weekly character illustrations but I want to improve my compositions and start putting them in a scene.

I also want to finally try live figure drawing.

We will be hosting a small dinner party with family on Thanksgiving and we’re planning to go hiking once or twice. We will also be celebrating my birthday later this month.

Cheers to a productive and creative October and here’s to a happy and grateful November!

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