November to December

November Recap:

In November I had fun participating in weekly character prompts, including a Girl in the hollow, Croissant girl, old guy reading in cafe, folktale girl, using photo prompts provided by @housecatillustrations.

I challenged myself to practice drawing more critters and people including, semi-blind contour continuous line drawings which was more fun than I thought it would be.

Art Challenge from November was #Folktale2022 week.

I didn’t read folktales or fairy tales as a kid – my mom thought they were too scary. Since I’ve been focusing on practicing drawing people, I decided to interpret each prompt word through a character:

I tried to limit myself to a small color palette with henna, peach, taupe, brown and midnight.

11/14 Fool – He dances with a head fully of silly wishes.

11/15 Tree – The enchanted forest can be a magical but ominous place.

11/16 Star – Make a wish upon a star!

11/17 Rebel – She is adventurous and fierce

11/18 Costume – Don’t let her beauty deceive you.

11/19 Potion – This apothecary has a flair for making magical potions.

11/20 Victory – Let the trumpets sound!

Art Challenge for December: #Advent_Challenge2022

Prompts are:

12/1: Christmas dinner

12/7: Surprise visit

12/13: Grandparents

12/19: Elf

12/24: Snow globe

I had a lot of fun with last year’s Advent Challenge so I’m excited to participate again this year.

Plans for December

I want to continue to do weekly character illustrations but I want to improve my compositions and keep putting them in scenes.

I still haven’t found time to try figure drawing so I’m keeping that on my to-do list. And I want to draw people in motion more than in static poses where they’re just standing or sitting on my pages.

And I also want to find some local sketch friends, people who like to draw who are interested in meeting every week or every other week to sketch together.

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