2022 Recap

I went through my photo library from 2022 to find the good moments, and there were a lot considering it was a weird year.

I filled up a lot of sketchbooks and made a lot of art. Looking back through my sketchbook art, I always wish I made more art but I am excited to finally be drawing people! Here’s my top nine according to Instagram:

Here’s some of my own personal favorites, some duplicates with my Instagram friends:

I am so grateful I got to travel to Naples, Florida early in the year for some rest and relaxation and one of my favorite things – beach time. I also got to spend time at the lake house on Lake Michigan in Door County and go on a few adventures close to home. If I had to pick some of my favorite adventures from this past year, I would choose these top nine, and some fun nature photos below that:

My dad unexpectedly passed away this year which was tough so I’m happy to have found some good moments that made me happy. Cheers to 2023!

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