Plans for 2023

I love making lists instead of resolutions so I made this list of things I want to work on in 2023.

Illustration Side Gig:

  • Storytelling and Picturemaking– create illustrations and pictures that are more vignette-oriented with interesting scenes or dynamic compositions.
  • Cafe sketching – go on location and practice drawing in cafes or live drawing. A bonus for this goal would be to find some local sketching friends to get together with.
  • Family tree – illustrate portraits of my family and ancestors. I also want to do some character sheets of a few family members.
  • Submit portfolio – to find an agent or publisher for freelance illustration work.
  • Binge art day – block off one day a month to binge making art.
  • Improve sketching – do more mind map brainstorming, use more vibrant colors, add personal things to illustrations, do more loose sketching.
  • If there’s time, create a character a day for Advent season.


  • We need to replace the fence in our backyard
  • I want to build a garden shed or greenhouse in the backyard, ideally to double as an outdoor art studio)

Finances: Save!


  • Be a tourist more, get out more, locally and beyond.
  • Renew passport in preparation for a dual citizenship application.

Finally, I want to celebrate life more! Cheers to 2023!

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