April recap

In April I continued participating in weekly character prompts, including a guy skateboarding with his furry pals, girl smiling for the camera, and a girl chilling out with her kitty cat, using photo prompts provided by @housecatillustrations.

I went for a walk in a park near my office for a lunch break and came across a great horned owl feather, a pearl crescent butterfly and lots of violets in the grass – a lovely spring day – so I filled up a page in my sketchbook. I finally got a new computer so I can scan my illustrations and Photoshop them again. I used this illustration to test a new art print/postcard.

I watched a replay of one of Sarah Von Dongen’s Patreon live drawing sessions with floral photos for inspiration . I used to draw flowers a lot but I’ve been focusing on drawing people and animals so much lately. This was a really relaxing page to work on.

I continued to practice drawing faces and portraits in the month of April, and finally started life drawing, which was quite fun. I have a lot of unfinished sketches in progress with lots of ideas in-the-works that I hope to share soon.

So many ideas to illustrate, never enough time!

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