Color Palette – Ribbons

I was happy to hear that Brandi was offering to continue with the color palettes as a weekly post on Friday. Today’s theme is ribbons and trims.

photo from Martha Stewart

I have been slowly building my stash of ribbons and trims, so I went surfing to find a picture of ribbons and trims that spoke to me. I probably wouldn’t make one bag or quilt with all of these shades of pink, but it goes well with many other colors, especially black and gray, so any of these ribbons would make a great accent. I also love the variety of ribbons that are featured, satin, organdy, taffeta, picot-edge (my favorite), velvet (my second favorite), wire, grosgrain, metallic, and more.

I know, some girls refuse to like pink, but I like it, so this palette was fun to play with!

Final Color Palette – Farmers Market

One of my favorite things to do is go to a farmers market, so I thought that would be a great source of inspiration for this final day of the color palette blog walk. Luckily, we have an excellent market here in Madison.

Sometimes I come home with more pictures than produce or bakery from the market.

colors of onions from farmers market

colors of chili peppers from farmers market

colors of flowers at farmers market

colors of globe thistles from farmers market

I adore sunflowers, but I forget to plant them every single year. So I always seek them out at the market, just to soak in their beauty. You can’t have a farmers market without sunflowers.

That concludes my participation in Brandi‘s color palette blog walk. I have had a lot of fun doing this week-long color study. I have also learned a lot, in particular, how to really look at things around me. Hope you found some inspiration along the way!

Color Palettes – Art Materials

Today’s prompt for Brandi‘s color palette blog walk is to create a palette inspired by art materials.

The art materials I work with the most are fabrics. I recently posted an idea I had after noticing a beautiful sunrise.

Here were the fabrics I pulled to represent a sunrise, and the color palette I matched up.

Compared to the actual sunrise photo, I’m thinking I can probably eliminate the yellow, and maybe even narrow down the range of peach and blue fabrics too. How fun to be able to compare these fabrics to the photo that inspired an idea!

Our final prompt for the week is a free day, leaving it wide open for us to find a subject that inspires us most.

Color Palette – Fashion Inspired

The prompt for the third day in Brandi‘s color palette blog walk is to create a fashion-inspired palette, showing colors that inspired you.

I buy almost all of my clothes from my all-time favorite store The Buckle. The truth is, when I walk into that store, at least half of the sales associates yell out my name in greeting. (ahem) Since we are transitioning from summer to fall in my part of the world, I thought it would be fun to show some colors I’m excited to wear as I reach for jeans, long sleeved shirts, and cardigans.

I think I might be into burgundy (or berry) this fall, so I picked this outfit for my first color palette inspiration. In fact, I adore this outfit so much that after playing with this color palette, now I want it! (sshh, don’t tell Dave!) Well, maybe I’ll just take a closer look at the cardigan.

I’m having much more fun matching the colors in these outfits than the previous day’s photos, so how about a second outfit to try. The denim shades were actually fun to try to match.

If you come up with your own palette, be sure to share it with other participants on Brandi’s blog. Tomorrow’s theme is inspiration from art materials, such as fabric, beads, paper, art supplies, or a work of art. I do have a few of those lying around the house, so I hope to come up with something.