Final Color Palette – Farmers Market

One of my favorite things to do is go to a farmers market, so I thought that would be a great source of inspiration for this final day of the color palette blog walk. Luckily, we have an excellent market here in Madison.

Sometimes I come home with more pictures than produce or bakery from the market.

colors of onions from farmers market

colors of chili peppers from farmers market

colors of flowers at farmers market

colors of globe thistles from farmers market

I adore sunflowers, but I forget to plant them every single year. So I always seek them out at the market, just to soak in their beauty. You can’t have a farmers market without sunflowers.

That concludes my participation in Brandi‘s color palette blog walk. I have had a lot of fun doing this week-long color study. I have also learned a lot, in particular, how to really look at things around me. Hope you found some inspiration along the way!


  • Oh what great color palettes Terri! What a great idea!

  • Your photos are amazing, Terri, and you’ve done a wonderful job with your color palettes. Do you think you will make a quilt from one of the palettes you made this week?

    • Thanks Joan! Yes, I am thinking at least one of these color palettes would make great inspiration for a quilt. Not sure which one (or two) yet, but so far, I’m leaning toward the sunrise colors from yesterday.

  • Wow!! Amazing photos and colors! I love the close-up pictures of the produce & flowers…. I’m the same way at farmer’s markets! I just absorb everything through my eyes and my hands, and don’t bring back as much as I’d like in my bag. 😉

  • These are so great today — you made a great choice of subject matter, and the palettes are beautiful!

  • This is my favorite day that you have done. Your pictures are amazing!!

  • oooo these were my favorite of your lil series. LOVE them!!

  • I did not comment everyday this week just taken it all in. I think you deserve an A+. Great job. Love those colors and I think your sunrise is ine of my favorites. Great pictures by the way.

  • Terri, I’ve been catching up on your color palettes. Beautiful photos and wonderful concept. What a fun project and a great way to learn about color. I bookmarked this for future reference. Enjoy your weekend.

  • Well – aren’t the colours in nature just amazing. I LOVE how you have captured both the vibrancy and the softness. The colours in the thistle image are so dusky contrasting to the rich bold sunflowers and blooms. What a hard task you will have on your hands deciding which palette to go with. I can see multiple projects coming out of these exercises and you have provided a fantastic source of inspiration. Thanks Terri xx

  • I love these palettes, and I hope you continue to do them from time to time! You’ve got an eye for it, definitely!!

  • Love the color inspiration terri! I too love sunflowers and I buy them at the farmer’s market every saturday…unfortunately I have to shower right after cutting them because I’m so allergic. humbug!

  • So COOL! I really love all them, but I’m favoring those chili peppers at the moment! Can’t wait to see what you make one day from all this inspiration!

  • Dearest sweet Terri, i am LOVING your color palette series! Really truely inspiring!! Gorgeous photos to go with it! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  • The sunflower palette is awesome. Again, though, another of my favorites. 🙂

  • Love this farmers market palette Terri! Thanks for sharing, your photo’s are outstanding and the whole series was awesome!

  • Terri,

    The posts this week have been very interesting,now I will be looking at those little circles on the side of material showing the colours more. Of course, gotta love the sunflower photo.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Happy days.

  • I’ve loved all of these color palette posts. To look at a photo and pull colors out that aren’t immediately obvious is very inspirational. It helps to have such gorgeous photos! I am in love with the onions:)

    Thanks for sharing this exercise!

  • Lovely colors! The farmers’ market is always such an interesting place. The whole week has been a great way to look at color inspiration!

  • I love the farmer’s market palette! Such a variety of lovely colors!

    Thanks so much for this week of stopping to look at things around us a little differently!

    Take care, I hope you are enjoying the holiday weekend!

  • Beautiful palettes and I also enjoy seeing all the colors of the market… we get our produce from the local farmer and weekly market in our little piazza.

  • I so agree with Michelle – the colors in Nature are so alive! It is a joy to see freshcut sunflowers! Thanks!

  • terri! your photos are so beautiful! more please!! I’m inspired!

  • Thank you so much for turning me onto this! I’ve had fun playing around with it. No wonderful new color combos for me yet, but the practicing will come in handy one of these days….

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