From My Sketchbook: Inspired by Fresh Cut

In order to fill up more sketchbooks, which is on my bucket list for 2015, I’m having fun coming up with new drawing prompts, so I’ve been trying to sketch A LOT more lately.

sketchbook fresh cut daisy

One of my latest favorite prompts for the year is to use my weekly bouquet of fresh-cut flowers for inspiration. This page was inspired by the daisies in my current bouquet.  Is it okay to say that I really love how this turned out?!fres hcut daisy

I also did a fun page of just a fishnet mesh pattern that might make a great background surface design layered with some larger designs in front.

sketchbook fishnet background

I recently started a new job, so I’ve only had time to finish a couple new sketchbook pages this week. I have a couple more new pages started, inspired by a carnation and pom daisy, so I hope to finish those over the weekend.

Time just slips away when I’m working in my sketchbook, which continues to be one of my favorite things to do! I’m on a roll so I’m just going to keep going.


Garden Update – A Variety

No one color theme is dominating in our gardens these days, so I thought it would be fun to share a few of the current varieties in bloom.

Pink Coneflowers

Another variety of pink coneflowers with really thin petals.

Yellow Coneflowers

Check out this bright pink colored coneflower – gorgeous.

I love having this little patch of coneflowers right outside our kitchen window.

These bee balms are so whimsical looking. They’re supposed to attract butterflies, so I have to pay closer attention to that corner of the garden.

Sunny Coreopsis

Daisy Patch, which is done blooming now.

It’s such a treat to have so many beautiful flowers continuing to bloom. I think our collection of lilies will be ready to feature next. Makes me wonder how we manage to get through those cold, grey winter months!

Garden Update – White

How about some white flowers from our garden this week!

We had white irises but I couldn’t find any pictures of them, so here are some bellflower white campanulas my mom gave us a couple years ago.

Our shasta daisies are starting to open!

We planted about five of these plants a few years ago, which we also received from my mom (thanks Mom!), and now they are huge – at least three feet high.

I found lots of these cool white wildflowers on the trail earlier this week.

Update: these wildflowers are Queen Anne’s Lace! (thanks Shari!)

I wish we had more white flowers to share with you, but I’m happy with what we do have. Sweet and simple!

Our First Farmers Market Outing

This weekend we made our first outing to the farmers market since it opened back in April. We usually make it to the opener but every Saturday in April and May were cold and grey. Lately, it’s been hot and hotter, which has been a nice change of pace from our eight months of cold.

The Market was crowded as usual.

I was hoping to load up on berries, but there were none to be found.

We saw lots of onions, radishes, and spinach amongst the abundant supply of cheese and baked goods.

The farmers always present such a wonderful variety of unusual colors and varieties of plants from their gardens.

As you can see, I was most interested in all the beautiful flowers!