TGIF – Weekend Exploring

I’m continuing my series on being thankful it’s Friday by appreciating things that happened over the past week and highlighting some random observations. I’m also kicking off the weekend by sharing a new weekend postcard, using one of my own photos.

Weekend Exploring Postcard

  • I’m thankful my kitty cat Angel is resting in peace now, even though I miss her dearly.
  • I’m thankful my kitty cat Callie is adjusting to having the house all to herself these days.
  • I’m thankful to everyone who shared their love, sympathy, comfort and pet stories.
  • I’m thankful to my boss for bringing a giant cup of Starbucks coffee to work one day this week to cheer me up.
  • I had a great time birdwatching this week with my friend’s telephoto lens for my camera.
  • I’m thankful to my mom for a box of chocolates for valentine’s day.
  • I’m thankful for great conversations with my sister.
  • I’m thankful to a coworker for sharing a giant cupcake with me for valentine’s day.
  • It was a thrill to see a bunch of my old friends and coworkers from the Apple store. My laptop is being flaky so I’ll get to see them again this weekend for my Genius Bar appointment.

We were house-bound last weekend, so this weekend, we are looking forward to going to one of our favorite restaurants for cocktails and appetizers, getting a whole pile of kitty pictures printed to hang up in a collage frame, and getting our giant world map framed.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend!


TGIF – Thankful Friday!

TGIF! My mood and motivation always perk up on Fridays, even if we don’t have specific plans for the weekend.

Weekend Postcard 1.25.14

Here’s my list of things to be thankful for from this past week:

  • This week, I got to do some cool things at work, for which I’m thankful. New brochures, a new newsletter, new maps, a new infographic.
  • I’m thankful for a box of stationery goodies in the mail.
  • I’m thankful the heat in my hubby’s car was working this week.
  • I’m thankful for Vitamin Water as an alternative to soda. Love the energy flavor.
  • I’m thankful for freelance client referrals.
  • I’m thankful for homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  • I’m thankful our cable TV was restored. It was a painful week with just the bare–bones network channels (which I almost never watch).
  • I’m thankful to PBS for airing a really interesting show about J.D. Salinger.
  • I’m thankful to our local grocery store for carrying such a fabulous Greek olive and feta cheese salad.

Hope you have some things to be thankful for this past week. Now go out and explore this weekend!