Updates – Seeds and Sea Glass

I often forget to update you on an idea for a new project I wanted to try, so today I’m excited to give you a couple updates.

I wanted to show you how well my seed growing experiment is coming along.

Those morning glory seeds sprouted the very next day after I planted them! I swear, I didn’t put steroids in their soil. Everything else is sprouting too, and it’s fun to watch the different pace of each plant.

I wanted to share with you my jewelry-making experiment with the pendants I made from sea glass and wire.

I used this tutorial and this article for inspiration and guidance. I used these tools: a wire cutter, a round-nose pliers and a flat nose pliers, which are vital to jewelry making.

I also used these supplies: wire in 20-gauge and 26-gauge, and jump rings to hang the wrapped pendant from a chain or leather cord. I wish I could have found a gauge of wire in between these two, such as a 24-gauge, but the stores I looked at didn’t have that size in silver, so made it work with what I had in my stash.

It feels great to make progress on both of these experiments and to be able to share updates with you!

Gorgeous Goodies

A couple weeks ago, I left a comment on my friend Cindy’s blog. She was having a giveaway, but what I was more interested in were the gorgeous photos her husband Mark took. They live in northern California and he took several photos of the stunning valley fog that looked like he was above the clouds.

Cindy and Mark appreciated the fact that I paid more attention to his photos than her freebies. To be honest, I didn’t want any freebies. I love taking pictures, so I wanted them to know how impressed I was with those amazing photos.

To express their appreciation, they sent me a surprise package containing some gorgeous goodies.

Mark makes beautiful fused glass items, including bowls, plates and platters, even jewelry. And they sent me this beautiful bowl! It has a cool basketweave pattern in a warm amber color.

They also sent me this stunning necklace. It’s in colors I love so I will likely be wearing this ALL.THE.TIME!

Oh yeah, I almost forget, Cindy couldn’t resist putting some fabric in the package that she knew I would love. Maybe she thought the fused glass items needed more padding, so a little chocolate lollipop would do the trick.

Thank you so much, Cindy and Mark! I cherish your kindness and generosity. I am so honored you shared your creative talents with me!