Gorgeous Goodies

A couple weeks ago, I left a comment on my friend Cindy’s blog. She was having a giveaway, but what I was more interested in were the gorgeous photos her husband Mark took. They live in northern California and he took several photos of the stunning valley fog that looked like he was above the clouds.

Cindy and Mark appreciated the fact that I paid more attention to his photos than her freebies. To be honest, I didn’t want any freebies. I love taking pictures, so I wanted them to know how impressed I was with those amazing photos.

To express their appreciation, they sent me a surprise package containing some gorgeous goodies.

Mark makes beautiful fused glass items, including bowls, plates and platters, even jewelry. And they sent me this beautiful bowl! It has a cool basketweave pattern in a warm amber color.

They also sent me this stunning necklace. It’s in colors I love so I will likely be wearing this ALL.THE.TIME!

Oh yeah, I almost forget, Cindy couldn’t resist putting some fabric in the package that she knew I would love. Maybe she thought the fused glass items needed more padding, so a little chocolate lollipop would do the trick.

Thank you so much, Cindy and Mark! I cherish your kindness and generosity. I am so honored you shared your creative talents with me!

19 thoughts on “Gorgeous Goodies

  1. That was so nice of them. Love the dish and necklace. Mark is a very talented man. Love the fabric Cindy sent you also. Can’t what to see what you do with it.
    Hope school is going OK. Ifyou are having school, with all this snow we keep getting.

  2. That was really kind of them – the photos were fantastic and the bowl and necklace they sent are beautiful. I have a couple of necklaces like that which I bought a few years back – I love all of the shimmering colours. What special things from special friends :0)

  3. Those are gorgeous. I remember seeing his fused glass plates and how stunning they were. What a happy surprise for you.

  4. Hi Terri! You got lovely presents! Colourful glass is so beautiful! I have visited often their wonderful blog!
    Have a sunny Sunday! xxx Teje

  5. That was so sweet of them! but also, you are so sweet and generous too, who could resist 🙂
    What a beautiful bowl! and the necklace is gorgeous!
    I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with all that pretty fabric!
    Enjoy! and have a fab weekend 🙂
    hugs, margie

  6. What a great gift! I love the dish. I think I saw you in Target today, but I have no voice due to the worst cold ever so I didn’t say hi 🙂

  7. That’s such a cool thing… an unexpected gift!! Beautiful gifts, too! You’re a generous person, and people respond to that!

    I hope you’re keeping warm… we’re having another day of freezing rain. If anything looks really pretty outside, you know I’ll be taking pictures of it! 🙂

  8. What a nice surprise, the necklace and bowl are beautiful. Lucky you!! The fabric is yummy too and I would probably wear the necklace a lot as well, love the color.

  9. how generous of them and lucky of you because the presents really are gorgeous and all the more better because of the kind thoughts behind them.

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