Snail Mail Treasures

Receiving any snail mail is a good thing. I’ve added some great treasures to my collection lately.

I received another letter from my Paris Letters subscription, which talked about the flowers starting to bloom in spring in Paris. I always feel like I’m right there seeing, hearing and smelling the sights alongside Janice as she writes and illustrates her letters.

Paris Letters February March April

I also have this beautiful collection of watercolor postcards from my friend Cindy, with whom I started exchanging postcards this year. She realized how difficult it is to find postcards these days, so she prints her own using photos and the Waterlogue appWatercolor postcards from Cindy

For my monthly subscription of paper goods from OliveBox, I received this box of treasures in March, which included Samantha Hahn‘s new book of watercolor illustrations of women characters in fiction, one of her prints and a lovely watercolor notecard from Monica Lee. (Click here to see what I got for January and December, and here to see the February box.)

Olive Box for March


I was especially thrilled to receive anything done by THE Samantha Hahn, a famous illustrator and designer, whom we studied in design school. Each portrait is painted so beautifully, and the quote is hand written to match the mood of the character and her scene.

Samantha Hahn's illustrated book

Samantha Hahn's illustrated book

Samantha Hahn's illustrated book

Samantha Hahn's illustrated book

So wonderful to receive a variety of fabulous art in the snail mail to add to my growing collection. Happy letter writing!


From My Sketchbook Pages: Nature Letters

These pages started out with a watercolor background, pencil sketches, more watercolor painting, pen and ink details and some hand-lettering. Inspired by the illustrated Paris Letter I received in the snail mail, I purposefully left white space on these pages for room to write a short letter. I would love to create a  new series of sketchbook pages like this, turn them into stationery, and call them Nature Letters.


sketchbook butterfly letter


sketchbook leaves letter

(reminds me of The Secret Garden, one of my favorite books)

sketchbook pathway letter

I’m looking forward to doing more of these illustrations in my sketchbook, especially as Spring arrives and things come back to life in our gardens and on the trails nearby, providing just the right inspiration I need.


Weekly Snail Mail

Some of my outgoing snail mail lately, going to places like Minnesota, Ohio, California, Florida, northern England.

snail mail Jan 26 2014

outgoing snail mail

It’s been fun to receive a lot of incoming snail mail lately.

incoming snail mail

I love seeing such a colorful variety of postcards and notecards, including some notecards of my own designs.

incoming snail mail

Did you send or receive any letters this week?


Weekly Snail Mail

It’s such a thrill to open up the door on our mailbox and find a letter or postcard! Someone actually took the time to find a pen and paper and write a note. As you can see, one of the postcards I received is handmade and beautiful.

Outgoing this week: postcards to my sister, brother, mom and a friend in the UK.

Outgoing snail mail

Did you send any hand–written letters this week?

Incoming this week: postcards from my sister and a friend in the UK.incoming snail mail Did you receive any hand–written letters this week?

In this day and age when people are busy and life can be centered around technology, it’s a treat to send and receive snail mail.