Weekly Snail Mail

It’s such a thrill to open up the door on our mailbox and find a letter or postcard! Someone actually took the time to find a pen and paper and write a note. As you can see, one of the postcards I received is handmade and beautiful.

Outgoing this week: postcards to my sister, brother, mom and a friend in the UK.

Outgoing snail mail

Did you send any hand–written letters this week?

Incoming this week: postcards from my sister and a friend in the UK.incoming snail mail Did you receive any hand–written letters this week?

In this day and age when people are busy and life can be centered around technology, it’s a treat to send and receive snail mail.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Snail Mail

  1. Didn’t know you had family in the UK Terri! Neat,but I know you probably miss them quite a bit. Do you ever go there to see them?

    1. I don’t have family in the UK. But I have a really close friend in the UK, with whom I exchange a postcard every week. We haven’t visited each other… yet but hope to someday.

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