Last-Minute Gift

I found out on short notice that a new friend from my design classes had a birthday a couple days before Christmas. I really wanted to come up with a thoughtful gift, something that didn’t look like a last-minute (lame) idea.

She works at a bookstore, so that eliminated so many gift ideas that came to mind at first. I know she plays piano, and she’s in the same design and illustration program with me, so I customized a couple fabric-covered moleskin notebooks with these cool musical fabrics using this tutorial. Every artist carries a moleskin everywhere they go!

In the gift bag, I also included a set of coloured pencils, which are always fun to play with.

I do hope she liked these goodies, especially because I secretly wanted to keep them for myself… sshhh. I am definitely going to make more of these – they are so fun to customize for just the right person or occasion.

9 thoughts on “Last-Minute Gift

  1. Those are going to be wonderful gifts. That purple fabric is so fun! Now, if I were thinking ahead, I’d go whip some of those up and put them aside for last minute gifts for NEXT Christmas!

  2. What a fantastic gift. I am sure she will love it, I know I would. I am going to check out that tutorial since I got one for Christmas too and it could use a cover. 🙂

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