Dresden Color Wheel Mug Rug Tutorial

(Please ask for permission to use my photos from this post beforehand.)

I had a lot of fun making mini Dresden color wheels this past week, so I wanted to share a quick tutorial on how to make your own. I backed this one with felt to use as a mug rug, which really brightens up my work space and makes me happy!

dresden color wheel mug rug

dresden color wheel mug rugs

After choosing fabrics from your stash, cut about 20-21 wedges (I used 20 wedges in the sample above and 21 in the sample below – use your own judgment to see what you can make work), using one of the smaller measurements on the Easy Dresden Template designed by Darlene Zimmerman (got mine from Joann’s). For the examples pictured here, I used the 1-1/2″ and the 2″ positions to cut my 20 wedges.

cutting dresdens

Fold each wedge in half the long way and stitch along the top, using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Turn right side out to form a point at the top.

turning dresden plate right side out

This is a great step to chain-stitch the pieces together.chain stitchingLay each wedge right side together, and stitch all the wedges together to form a ring, using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Press seams open.

sewing dresden plates together

dresden plates sewn into a circleMeasure the inner circle and add 1/2″ to 3/4″ to each side for the seam allowance. Cut a circle from paper or plastic to use as a template; cut 2 circles from your center fabric.

measuring inner circle

For these smaller dresdens, I cut circles that measured 4″ to 4-3/8″. With right sides together, stitch the two circles together using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Cut notches in the seam allowance to reduce bulk. Pinch the fabric on one side of the circle and cut a small slit. Pull the fabrics through that slit to turn the circles right side out. Press.

circles right sides together

cut notches in seam allowancecut slit in circle for turning

circles sewn togetherLay the fabric circles on top of dresden ring, pin if necessary, and top-stitch to attach to ring of the wedges. I top-stitched twice to make sure it was secure.

dresden color wheel mug rug

Lay the dresden on a piece of felt for backing and top-stitch 1/8″ in around the points and valleys. Trim the felt close to the points and valleys.

felt backing for dresden color wheel mug rug

Stitch in the ditch around the circle to fasten more securely to the felt backing.

dresden color wheel mug rug

Happy sewing, my friends!


PS – Note: Because I create with human hands, my cutting is never perfect. My sewing is never perfectly straight. My circles aren’t perfectly symmetrical or even. And I always have threads to trim. Please forgive me for that 😉 This is just a fun project I was excited to share. I’m sure there are many ways to make this; I’m just sharing my concept and process here.

Procrastination Sewing – Orange

I have a couple commissioned projects I’m supposed to be working on. So how did I spend my time? Making these two mini quilts instead!

The star was inspired by this mini quilt. I used this tutorial. Love love love how this turned out! Definitely need to make more of these.

The half square triangle mini was totally inspired by this mini quilt. Love love love this one too!

They are both on their way to being delivered as gifts. Now, where was I?

What a Clever Girl!

If you’re here from Sew,Mama,Sew for Giveaway Day, please go to this link to enter my giveaway to win a quilt kit!

* * * * *

Do you know Joanna of the famous Homemade Pineapple Marshmallow blog? She is a clever girl and quite sneaky too!

I found a package from her in my mailbox recently with this treasure inside.

She remembered how much I love Converse shoes. She also remembered that my favorite band is Breaking Benjamin. (Yes, hard rock music. Don’t hold that against me!) Finally, she knows I love patchwork. So she combined all those fun things into a mug mat with an appliqued Converse shoe customized with this fun embroidered graffiti.

Isn’t that the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?! I love it! I am so excited that I’m going to start collecting these clever mug rugs. Joanna is another very talented blogger friend who always makes me happy with her cheerful blog-itude and friendship! Thank you, Joanna!

Autumn Cravings

Ever since I had a scoop of ice cream a few days ago that had pumpkin flavor and ginger snap cookie bits, which tasted exactly like pumpkin pie, I have had serious cravings for Fall flavors. I swear, it was the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted!

This morning, I am enjoying a cup of this Autumn Spice coffee, which has hints of cinnamon, cardamon and cloves. It is SO delicious! Perfect for a cool day. Now I’m off to find a can of pumpkin so I can bake pumpkin cookies. There seems to be a shortage of canned pumpkin around here because we’ve been to two grocery stores so far, and their canned pumpkin shelves were empty!

I am also looking forward to making a couple more hexagon needle books for my gift stash. Now I see why these little buggers are addicting!

Enjoy your Friday, my friends!