Procrastination Sewing – Orange

I have a couple commissioned projects I’m supposed to be working on. So how did I spend my time? Making these two mini quilts instead!

The star was inspired by this mini quilt. I used this tutorial. Love love love how this turned out! Definitely need to make more of these.

The half square triangle mini was totally inspired by this mini quilt. Love love love this one too!

They are both on their way to being delivered as gifts. Now, where was I?

17 thoughts on “Procrastination Sewing – Orange

    1. Thanks Dorrie! They were so fun to make, especially by focusing on one color way. I really love your idea to do a series! I might even be able to work that into my Color Theory class next semester.

  1. They are wonderful. I’ll have to check your link out and try myself. I am not usually into orange but for some reason I love it with the fabric combinations you have used. 🙂

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