Discovery World

We spent the afternoon of my birthday at the Discovery World museum in Milwaukee.

Discovery World Museum

We’ve never been there, so it was a fun adventure exploring all the cool exhibits. We plan to go back to check out some of the exhibits we didn’t have time for. One of the things I love about these types of museums is the exhibits are interactive, so I feel like I get more out of the experience. I also love that museums change their exhibits to keep things fresh.

in the Freshwater exhibit

They have a freshwater exhibit that shows advancements in freshwater management and a huge diorama-type layout of the Great Lakes. There area a variety of fossils, as well as live fish aquariums and other creatures to see up-close.

turtle fossil

small turtle

They have other exhibits demonstrating innovations in football gear, advancements in energy production, and a cool section full of innovations in engineering and design. Did you know Milwaukee is a well-known for engineering and design innovations? (Think Briggs & Stratton and Rockwell Automation.)

I had fun operating miniature versions of the retractable roof of the professional baseball stadium and the wings over the art museum.

Miller Park miniature

Each of these little displays had a button you could push to see the parts and components move.

invisible tailor

It was a very clever area.

sewing machine

One of my favorite exhibits was the Les Paul House of Sound. I had no idea how much he invented to improve guitars and expand the way people can play guitars, record and mix music.

Les Paul Exhibit

I think we can all learn from this little story, to never be satisfied with the way things are.

about Les Paul

We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the County Clare Irish Pub in a bustling downtown neighborhood. We always have a good time exploring Milwaukee, a much bigger city where there’s a lot to do and see.

Milwaukee skyline

It was a good day.


A Field Trip to the Art Museum

I went on a field trip recently with my mom to see the Posters of Paris exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

It’s such a cool building, with beautiful views of Lake Michigan.

Guests aren’t allowed to take pictures inside the main exhibit, so I bought a souvenir catalog of the history of these posters.

We studied henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in my first Design Fundamentals class. I adore this style of art and posters, with bright but flat colors and bold, often hand-rendered typography and playful, sometimes risqué images.

(photo from Wikipedia)

My favorite posters were designed by Jules Cheret for Loie Fuller, a Folies-Bergere performer.

(photo from Wikipedia)

I always enjoy spending time in downtown Milwaukee, having lunch at the Public Market, checking out Broadway Paper, and shopping in the boutiques.

It’s fun going on field trips like this every couple months with my mom.

Hope you find something to inspire you this week! As always, thank you for stopping by.