Discovery World

We spent the afternoon of my birthday at the Discovery World museum in Milwaukee.

Discovery World Museum

We’ve never been there, so it was a fun adventure exploring all the cool exhibits. We plan to go back to check out some of the exhibits we didn’t have time for. One of the things I love about these types of museums is the exhibits are interactive, so I feel like I get more out of the experience. I also love that museums change their exhibits to keep things fresh.

in the Freshwater exhibit

They have a freshwater exhibit that shows advancements in freshwater management and a huge diorama-type layout of the Great Lakes. There area a variety of fossils, as well as live fish aquariums and other creatures to see up-close.

turtle fossil

small turtle

They have other exhibits demonstrating innovations in football gear, advancements in energy production, and a cool section full of innovations in engineering and design. Did you know Milwaukee is a well-known for engineering and design innovations? (Think Briggs & Stratton and Rockwell Automation.)

I had fun operating miniature versions of the retractable roof of the professional baseball stadium and the wings over the art museum.

Miller Park miniature

Each of these little displays had a button you could push to see the parts and components move.

invisible tailor

It was a very clever area.

sewing machine

One of my favorite exhibits was the Les Paul House of Sound. I had no idea how much he invented to improve guitars and expand the way people can play guitars, record and mix music.

Les Paul Exhibit

I think we can all learn from this little story, to never be satisfied with the way things are.

about Les Paul

We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the County Clare Irish Pub in a bustling downtown neighborhood. We always have a good time exploring Milwaukee, a much bigger city where there’s a lot to do and see.

Milwaukee skyline

It was a good day.


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