A Field Trip to the Art Museum

I went on a field trip recently with my mom to see the Posters of Paris exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

It’s such a cool building, with beautiful views of Lake Michigan.

Guests aren’t allowed to take pictures inside the main exhibit, so I bought a souvenir catalog of the history of these posters.

We studied henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in my first Design Fundamentals class. I adore this style of art and posters, with bright but flat colors and bold, often hand-rendered typography and playful, sometimes risqué images.

(photo from Wikipedia)

My favorite posters were designed by Jules Cheret for Loie Fuller, a Folies-Bergere performer.

(photo from Wikipedia)

I always enjoy spending time in downtown Milwaukee, having lunch at the Public Market, checking out Broadway Paper, and shopping in the boutiques.

It’s fun going on field trips like this every couple months with my mom.

Hope you find something to inspire you this week! As always, thank you for stopping by.

8 thoughts on “A Field Trip to the Art Museum

    1. Thanks Stephanie. I was tempted to try sneaking a couple pictures inside the exhibit, but there were docents everywhere. It was such a fascinating exhibit that I didn’t want to get kicked out!

  1. In all the yrs I have lived in WI and have gone to Milwaukee to see family I have never gone to the Art Institute! Beautiful place!!

    1. Thanks Cheryl! You’re right, I am pretty lucky to get to spend time with my mom like this! We always have such a great time out and about and exploring.

  2. What an awesome place to visit – the building is so cool and I love the vintage Parisian posters (and that street sign)!

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