Winding Down

After a weekend full of entertaining, my brother, my niece and I decided to go skiing today. It was a fun, exhilarating, and relaxing way to spend a winter day outside.

Did I ever tell you that my all-time favorite thing to do is ski? I LOVE to ski! I learn how when I was about five years old, so it’s in my blood.

I didn’t take any pictures over the holiday weekend because we hosted a Christmas Eve dinner and a Christmas Day dinner. Things were quite busy in our kitchen! After all those guests and meals, I can’t believe we don’t have many leftovers. Just enough for one meal.

I have a lot to catch up on, so I’m happy to have a quiet week ahead of me. Hope everyone had a wonderfully festive holiday weekend too!

16 thoughts on “Winding Down

  1. I’m impressed that you ski! I went maybe twice when I was in high school and spent the entire time going head over heels down the slope or crashing into things because I either couldn’t stay upright or, when I managed to stay upright, couldn’t figure out how to slow down or stop. After all the bruises of those two attempts, I have given up. I’ll stick to making snow angels as my winter-time sport, but so many people love skiing and it sounds like a lot of fun if you can figure it out!

    1. Thanks Amy! Your skiing story is kinda funny! I can see why you’re not into it. My dad was a big skier, so he got the three of us started when we were very little. I actually went to ski school in Steamboat Springs, so I was lucky to learn so young. We used to live in Colorado, so we did a lot of extreme skiing – meaning going off cliffs and hiking above where the chairlifts end to ski in the backcountry. It was the time of my life, but not good for my knees! I’m happy I can still hit the trails.

  2. What a blast!! I wish I were into outdoor winter sports. Everyone always looks so happy! I am decidedly NOT into them (I’m more of a hot apple cider by the fire in the lodge kinda girl) but your skiing pictures look like so much fun!! What a great way to bond with family 🙂 PS-is that the remnants of a red velvet cake I see? YUM!

  3. Sounds like fun…for you! I’ve tried it a few times but really just don’t like hurtling down a snowy hill. You are a brave woman! It’s nice that you are able to go:)

  4. I am like Amy, I’ll make snow angels. I have never been on skis. Now I know at my age I’ll never get on them. I always thought it would be fun. I love to see everyone having fun on them. All we ever did was get on sleds and find the biggest hill to go down back in my day. Its all we had. Never lived where we had mountains. Now when our kids were younger we lived out in Washington State, and we had a blast with sleds and our kids. I have one of my girls that went to CO. skiing with a group from church one year. She said it was fun.
    You are very active and creative which I find fantastic. You come up with so many things to make and do. David is a lucky man. I’m glad you had a very good christmas and hope you have a wonderful new year. Thankyou for all you post. I love reading them.

  5. The snow looks so gorgeous! I haven’t skiied in soo long…maybe I’ve forgotten how…we used to go every year and then things were so crazy busy when the kids were little, and I haven’t skiied in years! We also hosted Christmas Eve dinners and a Christmas Day dinner…family on Christmas Eve and a friend and her family on Christmas Day…her husband is deployed right now in Turkey, so it was fun to help out with some Christmas Spirit!

  6. It’s been years since I’ve skied but I used to love it. I wonder if it’s like riding a bike and I wouldn’t break something if I went this winter….
    I’m glad you had a wonderful Christmas. I wanted to take photos too but once Saturday came around I completely forgot to bring the camera back out. 🙂

  7. Terri,
    Your ski photos are so beautiful! Looks like fun! I have only being skiing one time. And, it was a lot of fun! We have to go to Colorado to ski because Nebraska is flat!

    I hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  8. Beautiful photos Terri – I loved skiing but I didn’t like those chair lifts, I don’t have a head for heights… don’t like my legs dangling and always seemed to have a problem getting off at the top – I would be the one going back down to the bottom lol. I didn’t mind those ones where you scoot the little bum seat between your legs and hold on while getting pulled up the slope – think cos my feet were still on the ground!

    Haven’t been skiing in sooooo many years so it would be starting from scratch and the brain might be willing and able but I don’t think the old body is….

    Pleased you had a good Christmas and that everybodies had lots of fun – roll on the new year :0)

  9. Dearest sweet terri, sounds like you had a lovely sweet warm christmas weekend! How fun that you went to ski! I don’t know how to ski and have never been on one before. hehe Wishing you JOY and LOVE for a wonderful New Year my sweet friend. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me this year. Have a lovely merry happy last week of 2010! Love to you!

  10. Wonderful photo’s Terri! I bet you had a great time skiing. Wow, it sounds like you were busy hosting two holiday dinner parties. Your Red Velvet cake looks so yummy, I can see why you only had one piece left. I do miss cross country skiing across the lake at our former lake place, it was a great workout.

  11. That sounds like a wonderful day Terri!I too am winding down this week am so glad to have a week to catch up on housework and quilting bees next week! Have a happy new year’s eve!

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