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New African Safari Postcards

I love to draw animals and illustrate animal prints, so I’ve been experimenting with new designs for a new set of postcards featuring my African wildlife illustrations and animal prints. They measure 5″ wide x 4″ high, and feature the saying “All good things are wild and free.” I have a few sets now available in my shop.

One of my goals this year is to turn more of my sketchbook illustrations into digital art, so I’m hoping to offer more new  stationery, postcards and notecards in my shop.

Make someone’s day with a piece of snail mail. Send some love. A fun postcard is a simple and quick way to keep in touch. It’s easy as pie – write a personal sentence or two (no full page required), put a stamp on it, and let your local mail carrier deliver your message.

Happy snail mail!


Postcard Series: Give Thanks, Be Thankful

In between working on my weekly sketchbook pages of animal art illustrations, and trying to create something everyday, I’m also having fun practicing hand lettering combined with watercolor wreaths. I turned these watercolor postcard paintings into new notecards in my Etsy shop.

Give Thanks paintingBe Thankful paintingThanksgiving wreaths paintingsThanksgiving notecardsDrawing all the time makes me happy, so Practice Practice Practice has been my motto this year. It’s also great to be able to add new products to my etsy shop based on my drawings and watercolor paintings.


New Surface Pattern Collection: Whispers

In an effort to expand my portfolio of repeat patterns this year, I wanted to show you my Whispers collection, which I designed last year (but never showed anyone!). It comes in two colorways with a focal print and nine coordinating prints each. It’s one of my most favorite projects!

whispers collection

The Whispers collection grew from this page I illustrated in my sketchbook in the summer of 2014. My inspiration came from walking in the woods and hearing all sorts of chirps, peeps and rustling but not being able to see the source of the whispering sounds through the tangles of vines, wildflowers and brambles in the woods.

sketchbook page whispers web

Here is the focal print in the two colorways:

Whispers focal prints

And lots of fun coordinating prints!

Whispers postcards

I think these patterns would make great bolt fabric, wrapping paper, journal covers or scrapbooking paper. Stay tuned for more fun patterns throughout year. Happy designs!


New Postcards Series

I added lots of new postcards to my shop lately. Postcards are getting harder to find, so I’m working hard at turning more of my illustrations and sketchbook pages into digital art, some to be printed on postcards.

One of my favorite series of illustrations is this set of maps I illustrated for a design project. I turned them into postcards, and listed new sets in my shop. They measure 4.13″ x 5.82″ and will take a standard postcard stamp.

colorado ski town map postcards

I have been skiing for over 40 years, and lived in Colorado where we skied a lot. These illustrations are based on a few of my favorite ski towns. I really love illustrating maps, so I’m hoping to do more work like this in 2016.

aspen map postcard

vail map postcard glenwood springs map postcard crested butte map postcard

I also turned my forest illustrations into postcards.

forest postcards

winter forest postcards

A fun set of coffee art patterns from my Barista Retreat project!coffee art postcards

A couple skier-themed postcards.skiing postcards

I also added some bright animal print patterns from my Spoonflower pattern shop too.bright animal print postcards

Happy snail mail!


New Coloring Book Notecards

I’m excited to show you my new series of coloring book notecards, now listed my Etsy shop. These illustrations resemble artwork on coloring book pages! I turned my black and white field guide nature specimen notecards into coloring book illustrations with more white space to color in and customize.

coloring book notecards

You can color them in any way you want! Stay in the lines, go outside the lines, make them realistic or make them psychedelic.

I tested them with colored pencils, Stabillo markers and Sakura Koi watercolor markers which did not bleed through the paper or smear the black ink outlines. (printed on cardstock with Epson ink jet printer) Of course, crayons work too. Note that Copics, Sharpies, and Prismacolor markers will bleed through the cardstock paper (as with most paper) because are they alcohol-based markers. Watercolor paints will smear the ink jet toner.

coloring book leaf notecards coloring book fish notecards coloring book butterfly notecardsCustomize your own cards to send a hand-written greeting to friends and family, or give a set as a stress-relieving gift. Happy coloring!


Craft and Gift Market

I participated in a craft and gift market this past weekend, which was a fun experience.

craft fair tableI was pleasantly surprised at how well things went for my first time as a vendor! The organizer of the show found me on Etsy while she was looking for local makers in our area.

I was really happy with how my display turned out (a few things got cut off in this picture). I had lots of sales, and even sold out of a few designs, from pumpkin greeting cards to Christmas cards to nature specimen cards, all of which will still be available in my Etsy shop with a new batch of printing.

It was helpful to have my mom by my side for moral support since she’s so good at encouraging me to put myself out there more. She was also very good at going around to all the other vendors and asking about their handmade goods. I would love to be better at networking at the next event.

I got a lot of great feedback and learned a few things to improve my products and my display, so I’m hoping to try more art fairs and craft shows in the future.


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