Letter Writing

Do you remember when was the last time you hand wrote a letter? I try to write a few letters a week, whether it’s a note thanking someone or a letter to a friend, catching up on my past week.

I have been collecting some great articles on the theme of writing letters, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you:

  • This post talked about how today’s technology is cramping letter writers’ style. “Years of relying on mechanical devices, first the typewriter and then the computer, had eroded my handwriting skills,” writes author Dick Hirsch. The handwritten letter can be more effective and memorable. Someone cared enough to write a message and address an envelope.
  • Check out this post which discussed how technology is making the business pen obsolete. (How many of you are like me and love to try new pens?!)
  • This post (link broken!) focused on the importance of handwritten letters. The feel of the paper, the thought that goes into choosing the stationery, the way the letters were formed by the hand, all invoke emotion; and that’s before you even get to the message that was written.
  • I loved this article about a Cursive Club in New Jersey that is trying to keep cursive handwriting alive by teaching elementary school kids in an after-school program. (Did you learn how to write cursive in school? I still write cursive all the time.)
  • I recently found a blog that has great etiquette advice on sending notes and letters, addressing the best style and method for the occasion.

My sister and I have continued to send each other a postcard every week for the past TWO years. How fun is that! Since I’m always on the hunt for postcards, which are getting harder and harder to find, I decided to go to Etsy to find some unique postcards. Check out these great treasures:

illustrated postcards

postcards from Courtney O Quist

illustrated postcards

postcards from Danielle V. Green Illustrations

from Paris Print Shop

postcards from The Paris Print Shop

Sending postcards is a fun way to stay connected because we are handwriting our messages rather than texting each other, which we do almost every day anyway. We share a thought on a project we’re working on, an event we attended, or an adventure we went on. I’m excited to write letters on these fun postcards! Thanks for stopping by.


Congratulations to Katy – you are the winner of my set of thank you notecards! Send me an email with your mailing address. Thanks to everyone who entered, and shared your thoughts on sending thank you cards.

9 thoughts on “Letter Writing

  1. Hi Terri! You have picked most beautiful cards! I’m thinking if I could manage to change postcards with my sister. Your idea is fantastic! Happy Christmas time to you! x Teje

    1. Thanks so much Teje! It has been a lot of fun exchanging postcards with my sister the past couple years, so I think it’s becoming a wonderful tradition. I will have to share some fun pictures of my collection one of these days.

  2. ooh Terri, send me your address, I think i have a hand full of lovely old Hallmark postcards that i just look at when i come across them in the drawer! id love to know you would actually use them!!

    1. Thanks so much for the offer, Jenny! I will send you a separate email with my mailing address. Postcards are harder to find these days, so I’m always looking out for them. How nice of you to offer to share yours.

  3. I used to write letters to my late Grandma all the time and she would draw the sweetest little drawings on them. I miss her and those letter! I used to write a letter with each Christmas card as well that I sent out,but then I got caught up in other things in the season and haven’t done it in forever. Recently though I started to write one of my Grandparents really good friends back and forth. It is a lot of FUN!!

    Love the post cards you mentioned on Etsy:)

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