Little Forest Finished

I can’t believe I have another finished quilt to share with you. This is so exciting! I started to grow this little forest a few months ago.

Thank goodness for spring break last week, when I had time to work on this project too. I am so happy to be able to show it off a little.

I love how it turned out, so I can’t wait to hang it up!

On My Design Wall

Since we aren’t expecting anyone to visit the house, I was excited to put up my design wall again. It hangs in the hallway over some artwork, so I don’t keep it up all the time.

I’ve just been messing around with fabrics and scraps I forgot I had.

I finished piecing my little forest quilt, which I made a different size than the pattern called for. I want to be able to hang it on the wall, but I don’t want it to be a mini quilt. I picked up more batting recently so I hope to finish it one of these days.

It’s been a pretty busy week, since I have three classes this semester. I am excited because I think I’m really going to like my instructors this semester! I already have some homework to do, which primarily includes lots and lots of sketching (fun!). So I’m working on finding a new routine. As you know, the challenge is to make time for everything.

Growing a Little Forest

I have been slowly working on making this Lovely Little Forest Quilt from The Purl Bee. I think they offer the most adorable projects!

The project calls for 25 tree blocks, cut to 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches tall. Then you arrange the trees with 15 plain blocks of the same size. The sample shows light green trees at the top and darker green trees at the bottom. I’m planning to do a simple, random arrangement. I ended up cutting way more pieces than I needed, so I decided to make two of these quilts at the same time, one for our house and one for a gift.

Since I’m not in a rush to finish this, I don’t know if I’ll have it done in time for Christmas, but I’m okay with that. It’s just nice to have a no-pressure Christmas project to be working on in between all the other things going on these days.

Getting Ready

We are having a family reunion this weekend for everyone to see my sister and her family before they move to China for three years for a job promotion. So we decided to get the yard ready for guests. Here’s what we have going so far:

We couldn’t find any annuals left at the garden center, so we picked up this pre-planted container to brighten up the front porch.

We planted two new trees in the back. They are hydrangea trees – aren’t they cute?!

Our basil plant is growing like crazy, so I have to make pesto before the party. My sister loves homemade pesto, and I doubt she’s had time to make any this summer.

We found this HUGE zucchini in the vegetable garden already! Can you see it in there? If not, here’s a shot of it before I shredded it for zucchini carrot bread. YUM! (notice the jalapeno peppers we have already too)

The best colors going on in our yard now are these:

I hope they continue to bloom through next week’s party. Now I have to make a shopping list and make some calls for the potluck treats. Hope you are enjoy this last week of July!

Spring Progress

After spending a week in Chicago for a conference, it was so nice to come home. I noticed everything is really starting to grow and fill in now in our garden. I also noticed the progress Dave made while I was away. Here are three new Rushmore Arbor Vitae trees he planted along the back fence. They look like they have always been there.

new trees

We have a large, fenced-in backyard, and some days it seems like a big empty field to me.

looking through the crab apple

One of the best features in our yard is this large flowering crab apple tree, which looks like a giant bouquet this time of year. It also provides nice shade and privacy for the patio.

Crab apple bouquet

We are on a mission this year to fill in our backyard with more trees, shrubs and flowers. I love these Emerald Arbor Vitae trees for their bright yellow-green color and their soft texture.

new emerald Arbor Vitae trees

And we have made a lot of progress with the completion of planting six trees so far.

Dave planting the Emeralds

This was my contribution, some of my favorites plants in the garden – hens and chicks and sedums.

hens & chicks

We found this cute little wooden doll bed on a neighbor’s curb one night before trash day, and we brought it home, thinking it would make a great planter in our garden. Perfect for these lovelies!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that I filled the strawberry pot too! It’s growing like crazy, and already looks more full than this picture from a couple days ago.

strawberries in the strawberry pot

Next on our list – shrubs to fill in in-between the new trees. So far we have added a couple knockout roses and a Miss Kim lilac, but we need to find a couple magnolia trees, snowmound spireas, viburnums, weigelias, and hydrangeas.

Thanks for stopping by to see the progress on our garden project! Check back soon for more planting updates.